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Spiders.. eek! Essential Oils to the rescue.

We always have a major spider issue in our apartment. Not really sure WHY, but it is beyond obnoxious. I don’t mind using the professional sprays, but with Ella crawling around I don’t really want her hands going near those chemicals on the base boards, you know? Yuck.

A bunch of you know I’ve gotten into essential oils and the oily world is just the best… I hope I never stray from it! It’s changed a lot for us and it’s also helped me cut down on the crap I put into our skin… especially Ella’s. My newest concoction? DIY Spider Spray. It smells incredible & seems to actually work so far.

Typically we don’t see spiders until the night comes and then we see one here or there crawling around by cabinets or wall corners. And these aren’t just daddy long legs… these are like massive things that resemble wolf spiders & the ones we see are like the size of a half dollar with it’s legs spread out.

NOT my kinda thing. So I whipped up a spray the other night. The scents I used are scents that spiders (and probably other bugs as well) really don’t enjoy on their “fingers” and touching their foods: peppermint, lavender, tea tree, and lemon. Smells out of this world delicious! Much better than the chemical filled sprays. Spiders die when they hit that stuff (which I’m not super opposed to, sorry spideys) but I just would rather they live peacefully and simply not come near me. Haha!

Vacuumed and swept and got the apartment super clean and sprayed the crap out of my window sills and base boards and everything else. The doors especially.. all around the outside of the doors, too. I wasn’t expecting it to work too well (sometimes DIY stuff just doesn’t cut it). Early afternoon (never see spiders EVER at that time of day) I see a spider booking it.. and I mean booking it… across the carpet towards the front door. I kinda freaked and smushed it (sorry, Spidey), but pretty encouraging! I don’t think it was a coincidence that the only time I’ve ever seen one of those babies running for it’s life during the afternoon was the same afternoon I used the new spray. Here’s the recipe I kinda threw together give or take a few drops of something… try it! If anything, it smells incredible.

Spider Spray: 

Glass spray bottle (glass is best so that the citrus essential oils don’t break down any plastic)

Distilled water (grab a jug at Walmart)

Castile Liquid Soap (this is the brand I use for so much stuff… I love it!)

Essential Oils*** such as peppermint, lavender, tea tree, and anything citrus like lemon or orange.

Add oils to the bottle. I used about 5 drops of each oil (you can use more if you want, just give it a sniff and do what you want to make it stronger! Add about a tablespoon of castile soap and fill the rest up with water. Shake it up and spray (and sniff) away! Literally it’s a GLORIOUS scent.

Brb I’m gonna go spray my apartment again. And then make a new batch!

*** I love Young Living essential oils, but alas I cannot afford them (even with the membership program they run.. I’ve crunched and crunched and I just can’t). We are working very hard towards paying off student loans and my oil budget is not much. I don’t ingest essential oils (I don’t think our bodies are meant to– personal opinion. I know people who do and they’re still definitely alive and 100% well!), so I don’t mind using brands that aren’t as seriously high quality as YL. I also am not a fan of MLM companies for many reasons. 

I use a few different brands for headaches, aches, cleaning products, and aromatherapy. I am trying a bunch! 

Rocky Mountain is one company I’ve researched a lot and found their quality to be  VERY satisfactory and their prices affordable. And the link in the recipe & here happens to be a set of literally only the oils I used for this recipe, but they are also some of my most used scents.

I also have noticed very good results with Healing Solutions. Their Doctor Kit I have LOVED and it has lasted me quite a while. I have noticed such a difference in our moods, sleep, and physical aches/problems. Another kit that is good is the Starter’s Kit.

NOW Foods essential oils are excellent as well especially for around the house. I’ve tried 2 scents that I found at the store, but when I am able to purchase a couple more I’ll be ordering some others online to try.

I also love ADK Aromatherapy. It supports local, the scents are wonderful, and the quality is excellent. They also take custom orders when they can if you have a scent that is not on their site! 



I'm a young pastr chef who loves Jesus Christ and serving those around me. Vegan, gluten-free, and healthy products are a passion of mine; I want everyone to be able to enjoy anthing they'd like. I am on a journey to starting up my own bakery cafe in the North Countr of New York... who knows where I might end up along the way!

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