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Mondays & Shaun T

I will admit: I miss baking by the time Sunday morning hits. Which means waking up Monday morning randomly at 3am stinks because I’m not in the kitchen, but then I remember I can close my eyes and sleep for another 4 hours (or whenever I hear Ella talking to her bunny rabbit in her crib). So…. I don’t mind as much, ha. Also: I get to workout in the morning and what better way to start your day? Last thing I wanted to do this morning was do an intense workout and every 5 minutes I told myself that was good enough, but thankfully I finished and I’m always happy that I do.

People ask me how I don’t weigh a million pounds being in my profession. I’ll tell you how…. Shaun T, y’all. I love to run, but having a baby makes that super difficult. I can’t WAIT for warm weather when I can run with the stroller (although come on, it’s the most awkward thing to do ever. Not sure how fit moms make it look so flawless). So starting in the first couple months of Ella I turned to what I used to do a lot during my late teens and college years: Shaun T’s program Insanity. This set is the BOMB. I purchased this when I was 17 (I think that’s correct. I was a waitress/baker at Scoops in Potsdam at the time… day after my first workout I could barely walk and it was pretty hilarious to everyone watching me during my Saturday shift) and it was inCREDible.

Cool story: I started Insanity in late April 2011 and I went on actual runs maybe twice during the entire 2 months of the program. End of June came and a half marathon was taking place in Madrid so I decided to be crazy and run it. Keep in mind I ran literally TWO times in the couple months prior to this race, I only did Insanity. I ended up making my second place personal record (3 louzy minutes behind my half marathon PR) and was able to sprint nearly the last full mile and had energy to spare. This program builds endurance crazy well!

It’s on average 35-40 minutes a workout for the first month of the program and 40-50 for the second month. It’s all about interval training: work hard for 2-3 minutes, rest for 30 seconds… over and over. Burns calories mad well & you are able to rest your body in between which means you don’t burn out as fast. What I also love about Shaun T’s workouts is every time no matter how many times you’ve done it, you push yourself to the max. Which means you never technically “complete” the program for good… you just continue to push your limits and set higher standards each time you do it. I love that. Years later and I still enjoy working my butt off to Shaun T encouraging, pushing, and challenging everyone of us on the other side of his screen.

If you’re wanting to get your endurance up, toned, muscles in place, AND are looking for something fun.. give it a whirl! Totally worth the money. I bought this set 7 years ago and I still use it. Great investment! And if you want something that’s less time out of your day, I would highly recommend Shaun T’s T25 program. Currently on sale for almost 50% off, too… great price. I do this on and off with Insanity and I LOVE it. 25 minutes of working out and a couple minutes of stretching afterwards. I strongly encourage anyone to give either of these a whirl.

Set my Monday up for greatness- you should try it next week. Or sooner. Amazon ships within days. 😉





I'm a young pastr chef who loves Jesus Christ and serving those around me. Vegan, gluten-free, and healthy products are a passion of mine; I want everyone to be able to enjoy anthing they'd like. I am on a journey to starting up my own bakery cafe in the North Countr of New York... who knows where I might end up along the way!

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