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Pennies for Thoughts.


I’m Anastasia.
A baker on my way to being a Pastry Chef. I love food, I love creating it, designing it, plating it, watching people enjoy it… Every bit of the industry! Yep, even the costing out and inventory. I love it all.

This blog has been needed for a long time. A place to document my doings and creations… To show people what I love to do and why it’s worth trying themselves.

This is my journey through the life of baking.

Tonight there will be no baking in the kitchen. Actually, there won’t be much until school starts again (later in January 2014) which THEN there will be many photos of my baking lab adventures!
But for now I have settled in our vintage, squeaky, pea green cushion chair next to the fire. I’ve a new Christmas book (thank you, Mums!) and a cup of hot Blueberry Green Tea to keep me company. Time to read up on some great recipes and history!

Those are my thoughts… I’ll take your pennies any way you’d like to send them to me.

May the Passion of Baking be with you-




I'm a young pastr chef who loves Jesus Christ and serving those around me. Vegan, gluten-free, and healthy products are a passion of mine; I want everyone to be able to enjoy anthing they'd like. I am on a journey to starting up my own bakery cafe in the North Countr of New York... who knows where I might end up along the way!

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